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Our service has been in operation since 2018
During this time we have managed to attract many companies and show them that it is possible to cooperate with transportation companies without intermediaries, without overpaying for cargo transportation.

This is beneficial to both parties: both the company that needs cargo transportation and the transportation company that will transport your cargo.
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benefit to you
Sergey Perekrestow, manager in Trucklink
Our goal is to simplify this complex chain that has now developed in the logistics industry. We have created the Trucklink service so that the end consumer does not overpay his money and does not waste his time searching for a reliable carrier.
Minimum broker's commission:
This price consists of the cost of transportation and the broker's commission.
Commission of our Trucklink service:
Sometimes the commission of brokers can be up to 100% of the cost of transportation, are you ready to overpay so much for mediation? All risks are assumed by the transportation company, brokers do not risk anything, so why do you need it, when there is our service?
from $200
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No commissions to brokers!
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Develop your business logistics together with our service
Remove the intermediary from your cargo transportation chain, with the help of our service you will be contacted by transportation companies directly and you can avoid overpaying for the intermediary.
Cargo transportation without intermediaries
Our service thoroughly vets the transportation companies that will offer you their services. You can be confident in each of them, as all work will be done under contract.
We guarantee safety
With our service, you will be able to choose the best offer that comes from transportation companies, without unnecessary searches and wasting time.
Choose the best offer
We insure every shipment up to $1 million dollars that will go through our service, so you can rest assured of your safety.
Protecting clients from financial losses
We will solve any of your question at any time for and night. We respond quickly and are always on call.
Round-the-clock support
Fleet of transportation companies that are connected to our service
Cargo Van's
Load capacity: 14 000 ft
Box Truck
Load capacity: 16 000 ft
Large Streaghted
Load capacity: 26 000 ft
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Omon Safarov
Anna Potapova
Sergey Perekrestow
Entrepreneurs come back to us again and again

Mason J.
Car parts company
I have been thrilled with my experience with the Trucklink service! One of the main benefits is that there are no transaction fees. This means that I can easily and directly communicate with transportation companies without worrying about additional commissions from the broker. Moreover, I have the opportunity to choose the best offer for my shipment on my own. This flexibility and freedom of choice is exactly what our company needed. In addition, the freight guarantee gives me confidence that my shipment will be delivered safely and on time. I recommend Trucklink to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient freight transportation service!

Anna S.
Butcher store
Trucklink service exceeded my expectations. Without transaction fees, I could search for the best offers from transportation companies and choose the one that best met my requirements and budget. I appreciated the high competition and the ability to negotiate with companies. The Trucklink service made the process of freight transportation much easier and more affordable for me. Many thanks to the Trucklink team for their professionalism and excellent service, I definitely recommend for cooperation!

Michael B.
Upholstered furniture factory
I have been looking for a way to save money on broker commissions for a long time and Trucklink has exceeded my expectations. They provide a great platform where I can choose the best offer from transportation companies directly. Being able to choose is important for me, as I can compare the prices and terms of different carriers and make the most favorable decision. In addition, the freight guarantee gives me extra peace of mind knowing that my shipment will be carefully handled and delivered safely. Trucklink is a reliable partner in the trucking industry, and I recommend them to anyone looking for an easy and transparent way to organize transportation!

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